We got some great feedback from the delegates who attended the 2020 Seminar.

“It was an honour to participate in the A.R.I. University seminar and gain knowledge in the field of pipeline protection. This was an extraordinary experience full of great lectures, installation tours, delicious food and fantastic people!”

“Thanks a lot for hosting us and running us through a most exciting and eye-opening seminar.

I personally enjoyed the whole session right from landing in the Holy Land, driving to the Kibbutz, accommodation, seminar sessions, food, evening refreshing at ‘the Pub’, visits to real life cases where the ARI solutions have been used in Haifa, etc, exchange with other nationals, and more inspiring visit to the Holy Sites in Israel, and finally travel back home.”

“A wonderful wonderful Experience!”

“As I am working in construction industry for new water systems, I hope we shall engage more and more to our mutual benefit. ”


What were the highlights of the seminar?

  • Very good atmosphere, very good balance between working sessions in meeting room and “released” moments.
  • Exceptional learning experience.
  • Meeting the people that make A.R.I. unique in Israel and around the world.
  • Good learning opportunity interaction with different people / national’s scope enhancement of the aspects of water engineering and ww interactions, innovations and digitization.
  • Knowing about A.R.I products and how we at our organization can improve on our service delivery through quality A.R.I. products.
  • The laboratory and practical demonstration allow the applications of each products’ capability/performance to be understood clearly.
  • I felt like at home even though I was surrounded by people I’ve ever met before and that is an amazing achievement.
  • Everybody share experience and knowledge.
  • Clear and interesting presentations, good balance between theory and practise.
  • R.I. staff, they all have full understanding of the products.
  • Worm welcome feeling, mixing people from the start. All A.R.I. relevant people coming to present themselves on first day. Tours & dinners. And of course willingness of sharing the knowledge of A.R.I.


What could be done to improve future seminars?

  • More practical’s to be include on ARIAVCAD & ariwizard.
  • More demos in the field and lab.
  • To include a little more marketing specific strategies classes for the sales teams.
  • Give more time so that the lessons are spread on many days.
  • It could be useful to see flowcharts when we are in the wastewater treatment plan to understand better how it works.
  • More hands experience in the factory needs to be increased to at least full day.
  • Spend more time on hydraulic control valves.


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